Combat Drills

Combat drills 2

Though combat grows ever more technical, experienced soldiers, mercenaries, fighters and gunmen know not to place all their trust in gadgets and expert systems. Combat drills represent the fruits of countless sentient-hours of planning, training, and experience.

Adrenaline Rush – Many soldiers and mercenaries receive genetic modifications that skirt the edge of Council law to improve their reaction time when it counts – small optimizations to neurotransmitter function or limbic system response – while other, more reckless fighters alter their combat armor to deliver drugs with much the same effect. As a free action, a character may make an Endurance + Medic or Tactics check to temporarily act with superhuman speed, gaining an extra significant action in the current round while sacrificing their significant action in the subsequent round. In addition, for the next full round, the character may dodge or parry twice without penalty to initiative or DM, and move 9m (6 squares) per minor action. Prerequisite: Medic 2 or Tactics 2

Carnage – Characters with experience handling military-grade heavy weaponry know how to jury-rig their firearm’s mass effect core to turn a personal weapon into a form of one-shot artillery. The character may, in combat, tune their gun to resist the next single shot’s acceleration, slowing the round down and superheating it to slag while still in the barrel. The resulting discharge is by no means accurate but goes off like a small grenade wherever it hits, dealing 4d6 + Effect damage in a 1.5-meter radius around the target. Tuning the gun this way requires a minor action; the shot has recoil 4 and a -1 DM and immediately overheats the weapon used. Prerequisite: Gunner (any) 1 or Heavy Weapons (any) 2.

Concussive Shot – Some professional soldiers who have made a thorough study of modern, mass effect-powered firearms have learned how to alter the shot to reduce its penetrative properties but increase its lateral force. Before rolling a single-shot attack, a character may elect to make their shot concussive; they roll damage as normal, but rather than taking damage, the target is knocked prone if the damage roll exceeds its Endurance. If used on a target under the effect of a biotic Lift or Singularity, Concussive Shot functions as a biotic Throw. Prerequisite: Gun Combat (any) 2; this firearm must be used to make the attack.

Immunity – Even with the added safety of kinetic barriers, no soldiers – except for Krogan – really relish the thought of charging across an open field of fire. Many of the more bullet-averse professional fighters spend a lot of time thinking about what they can do to improve their odds in the clutch, tinkering with their combat armor and optimizing their barrier capacitors; others simply trust in drug dispensers that will keep them fighting through all but the most crippling pain. A character who takes a minor action to activate Immunity may, for the next round of combat, choose to defer up to twelve points of damage from one attack until the start of their next turn; damage deferred this way comes due at the start of the character’s turn as if from a new attack. (Example: Victus is wearing armor of protection 5 with 5 shields. On his turn he activates Immunity. Later that round he is struck by a rocket for 22 damage. He elects to defer twelve points of that damage; he takes 10 now, and his armor and shields fully soak it, though his shield is reduced to 4. Next round, the other twelve points come due, and with protection 5 and shield 4 Victus will take 3 points of damage and his shield will be reduced to 3.) Prerequisite: Battle Dress 2 or Medic 2

Marksman – With a lot of practice, and a little technical aid, highly-trained marksmen can fire rapid volleys with no appreciable loss of accuracy. A character using a weapon with no Auto rating who takes a minor action to aim may, in addition to the regular benefits of the Aim action, fire a burst shot as if the weapon had an Auto rating equal to their Gun Combat skill. (The gun must still be able to fire that many shots.) However, the concentration required to use the Marksman drill leaves the shooter unable to dodge or parry for the following round. Prerequisite: Gun Combat (any) 2; this firearm must be used to make the attack.

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Combat Drills

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