Catalyst Station

Catalyst station

Located in the otherwise unremarkable Phlegyas system, Catalyst Station – a joint venture between human and volus interests – is a linchpin of colonization efforts in the Hades Gamma cluster, its central location making it an ideal staging point for supply distribution for half a dozen colony worlds. Refineries in the orbit of the nearby gas giant Vagras provide a local source of helium-3, while a small battery of power satellites around the Phlegyas star create antiprotons for ship drives.

The station itself is a mixture of human and volus construction, featuring detached habitats accommodating both species’ needs for pressure, air, and comfort. However, the vast majority of sentients found on Catalyst at any one time are not permanent residents, but suppliers, travelers, or colonists on their way to points beyond.

UPDATE: Catalyst Station has been destroyed in a violent attack, with over 900 confirmed casualties. No group or government has yet claimed responsibility. While the Systems Alliance urges colonists in nearby systems to be on the lookout for the Geth, some surviving witnesses claim to have seen a “dangerous-looking” krogan on the main concourse mere minutes before the station was destroyed by an act of internal sabotage.

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Catalyst Station

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